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Legally Yours as told by Brandon Sterling

My life was set. 

CEO of Sterling Ventures. Name partner of the top law firm in Boston. Most successful man in Boston, five years running.

I had it all...until I arrived home one wintry night to find her sitting in my window like she owned the whole mansion. 

A smart, talented, and unbelievably gorgeous intern at my firm, Skylar Crosby is a complication I can't afford, but a temptation I can't ignore. 

The more layers I uncover, the more fascinating she becomes. Being with her awakens dreams of a future I never thought I'd have.

But to reach that future, we'll have to deal with our pasts. And mine might just cost us everything. 

If I even tell her at all.

Note to the readers: STERLING is a work-in-progress available to newsletter subscribers ONLY. All chapters are subject to change between now and publication. Errors may be present, as the author is still working out the kinks! Please be patient.

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