May 7, 2014: Fitz Baker, Actor, Missing After Boating Accident Off Maine Coast

Four years ago, the world's biggest heartthrob disappeared. Four years later, I met my surly new neighbor. 
He was gorgeous, sure, but also rude and quick-tempered. 
But no matter how hard I tried to avoid him, we kept running into each other. Everywhere. 

Something was off about Will.
His jaw was too chiseled, even with a beard.His green eyes always sparkled, even behind those shades.
His charisma belonged on magazine covers, not in a hidden cabin.

The more time I spent with this strange, reclusive man, the more his hard shell cracked, revealing an intelligent, soulful man starving for affection. 
Just like me.
Too scarred for anyone else, together we seemed whole.

Curiosity killed the cat. Would mine be Will's undoing?
Because once he revealed his biggest secret, who knew if I'd remain discreet.


Sexiest man alive. Playboy movie star. Reckless actor.

Will Baker, better known as “Fitz,” is back, and the world has questions.

Where did he go? Why is he back?
Who is Maggie Sharp, the girl who found him?

As Will and Maggie flee her family’s troubles, they return to a world most only dream of, where privacy belongs to the highest bidders, and loving Will might cost Maggie everything she has.

Secrets mean betrayal, and Will’s are bigger than most.

As he returns to a life of wealth and excess, will he fall back into his old vices too?


Or is loving Maggie Sharp the one thing that will save him?

A prodigal daughter returns home and can't stop running into her damaged new neighbor. Little does she know, his secrets may destroy them both.