Brooklyn prosecutor Matthew Zola wasn't expecting to fall in love at first sight. And certainly not with a married heiress. Two people who never broke the rules are about to smash all of them together.

I had to have her.
Blonde bombshell. Park Avenue princess.
Nina Astor was pure as snow and giving me one night to dirty her up.

But by morning, I knew:
She wasn't just a pretty face.
She wasn't just a casual fling.

One night? Please. 
I needed a lifetime.

But Nina Astor isn't who she says she is. 
She's beyond off-limits.

The real problem? I couldn't care less.


Months. I had been looking for Nina Astor for months. 
Ever since she gave me one red-hot night and disappeared into the city. 
The woman was a phantom, and I was obsessed.

Now she's back in my life, as real as ever. 
And completely unattainable. 

Because Nina Astor is beyond off-limits.
Daughter of a dynasty. 
Cousin of New York’s most notorious billionaire.
Married to the scum of the earth—the subject of my next investigation. 

As a criminal prosecutor, I’m supposed to be on the right side of the law. 
But when it comes to Nina Astor, I’m a very bad man. 
I’ll do anything to claim this woman as my own. And to save her from this monster, I’d sell my soul to the devil himself. 
Truth be told…Maybe I already have.


My husband is a monster.
My home is riddled with lies.
I thought I could bear the torment for my daughter's sake.

Until I met him. 

In one night, Matthew Zola showed me everything I never knew I was missing. 
Deep, dark, earth-shattering love.

Matthew thinks I'm the perfect woman. 
But we're only as good as the secrets we keep. 
And my biggest one—the one he doesn't know—could cost him everything.

Should I risk everything to buy back my freedom?
Or remain in shackles to protect the man I love?


Prosecutor. Marine. Brother.
I thought I knew the man I was. 
But in one moment, I found my real purpose: saving Nina de Vries.

On the outside, she seemed the perfect, icy aristocrat. 
But I knew different.
Trapped by her monstrous husband and fear of her powerful family, Nina was begging to be saved. 
And I was the only one who could do it. 

Instead I broke her heart, and now I’ll stop at nothing to put it back together.
Because when fate introduces you the love of your life, you don’t walk away.
You fight for your chance, even if it means dragging the world down with you.

Nina and I were written in the stars. 
That’s not even a question.
But will fate let us take our happy ending?
Or is our future one we’ll have to steal?