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Merry and Bright Cover_snow.jpg

It's not easy being the wife of broody shipping magnate Eric de Vries. It's even harder when everyone in the world expects you to produce his next heir. After years of trying, Eric and Jane are about to have the family they've always wanted together—just in time for Christmas. Will scheming forces get in the way of their family's blessing? Or will they get they finally get the happily ever after they've tried to find for so long?

USA Today bestselling author Nicole French presents a collection of second epilogues, POVs, and never-before-released bonus scenes featuring the characters from her bestselling series, including "The Not-So-Silent Night," a brand new story for The Hate Vow.

This collection includes: 

  • Extended epilogues for the Spitfire, Quicksilver, Rose Gold, Discreet, and Bad Idea series, including "Merry Always" and "The Not-So-Silent Night," a brand new story for Jane and Eric.

  • Never-before-seen extra scenes and snippets from all her series.

  • "After Party," a Bad Idea novelette

  • Exclusive alternate point-of-view chapters from Legally Yours and The Hate Vow

  • An advance look at Hollywood Touch, a Discreet prequel coming soon

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