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Sexiest man alive. 

Playboy movie star. 

Reckless actor. 


Will Baker, better known as “Fitz,” is back, and the world has questions. 


Where did he go? 

Why is he back? 

Who was I, Maggie Sharp, the girl who found him? 


As Will and I fled my family’s troubles, we returned to a world most only dream of, where privacy belongs to the highest bidders, and loving Will might cost me the freedom I fought so hard to attain.


Secrets mean betrayal, and Will’s are bigger than most. 

As he returns to a life of wealth and excess, will he fall back into his old vices too? 

Or is loving each other the one thing that will save us both?

Author's note: Hollywood Chase was previously published as Indiscreet, the second book of the Discreet Duet.


“You make me feel…” Will started. “Out of control.”

I couldn’t move. “Oh?”

“Like I actually have to care about what someone else thinks. Like I’m not alone anymore.” He paused. His eyes opened wide, following the path of his fingers as they took hold of a strand of hair in my ponytail and twirled. “And for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I don’t want to be.”

He tugged lightly on the strand, and I felt the slight pinch like an arrow shooting down my arms and legs and coming to throb in that place no man had been for so, so long. I bit my lip. Will’s eyes dilated.

“Tell the truth. What do you want?”

You. The word echoed distantly, like a bell tolling from miles away. I didn’t understand it. I was broken. A mess. What should I want with this man? We had a connection, sure, but overall, he was nothing but trouble. He was grouchy. A loner. Clearly had serious social and emotional control issues.

And yet. There was no denying that something was here. Since we met, it certainly felt at times as if the universe itself was tilting on its axis, trying to knock me into him. Breakdown after breakdown. Meeting after meeting. And now…

I tipped my chin up so I could look directly at him, drawn like one of the moths circling the porch light. Winging through the dark, ready to dive into his golden inferno.

“I don’t want anyone else,” I said quietly, drifting my gaze up and down his naked torso.

A sheen of sweat glimmered in the moonlight, which also made the shadows of his muscles—the square pectorals, the solid rack of abs, the lickable V that dipped beneath his shorts—that much more evident.

Will followed my gaze, and his hand dropped. He stepped between my legs, and his unique scents engulfed me. Working all afternoon only made them that much stronger—the scent of pine trees, lake water, and man swallowed me with a heady rush that made me shake slightly. And it was then, only then, that he finally touched me. My waist was encircled by his wide palms, so broad that his fingers nearly touched on either side. It was relatively innocent, but the intent was clear. Just like last night, he held me still; I couldn’t move unless he wanted me to. For that moment, I was his.

When I looked back up, his eyes were fixed on my lips. Unconsciously, I licked the lower one. His pupils dilated even more.

“Maggie,” he whispered as he leaned a little closer.

“What are you waiting for?” I murmured.

I panted. Will swore.

“Screw it,” he growled. “I have no idea.”

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