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Nathan Hunt needs a girlfriend. Specifically a fake one.

Yes, the shy, grumpy twin of Henry Cavill who sits at the end of my bar needs to convince his absurdly rich family that he’s actually capable of a normal social life. 

And he’s willing to pay a professional to fill that role.

Who happens to be me.


It helps that I’m just desperate enough to need the cash and not ask any questions.

I’m the obvious choice: Joni Zola, former dancer and forever flirt.

Never too serious. Always a good time.


On its surface, the plan is simple.

First, tell everyone we’re roommates. 

Then move on to lovers. 

His family will leave him alone, and I’ll have a free place to stay and a full bank account. 

Easy, right?


But as our scheme progresses, the lines blur.

Soon casual PDA turns into sharing a bed at night.

On the outside, Nathan Hunt is just my next boyfriend of the hour. 

But what if secretly, I might want him forever?


If we can keep things professional, this just might work. 

I can forget that kiss if he can.

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Rule #1 at the new job:
Don’t touch the boss’s daughter.

Or in this case, me—his granddaughter.

With his dark eyes, tattooed arms, and shoulders for days, Michael Scarrone shouldn’t be looking at me at all.

And I definitely shouldn’t be looking back.


The sad truth was, we couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

Him, a mechanic just out on parole.

Me, an innocent student with her whole future ahead of her.


But somehow, I can’t stay away.

There’s a secret lurking under Michael’s rough exterior.

He’s a diamond in the rough I want to make shine.


Apparently opposites really do attract, right before they combust.

I want to steal this bad boy’s heart the moment we meet.

But now it looks like he’s already stolen mine.

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