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No one expects a surprise pregnancy from a one-month fling.
Just like no one expects to make the same mistake twice.

Five years after we first met and I had his baby, Xavier Parker’s knocked me up again.
And this time I won’t be keeping it a secret.

My ex-boyfriend is perfectly aware we’ve got a baby on the way.
Only problem?
He has no interest in being an ex.

See, Xavier Parker is used to getting his way.
Girlfriend? Forget it.
Now this brooding duke wants me to be his wife.
And he won’t take no for an answer.

Can I forgive the past and give this father-to-be a chance at a happy ending?
Or will my heartbreak prove too much to forget and spell disaster for us both?

The explosive final chapter in Francesca and Xavier's rollercoaster story is now available in KU!





One night. One touch.
Can change your entire life.

Money. Fame. Hollywood.
I was drowning in a superficial life.
Until I met her.

Right when I hit rock bottom on a promotional tour, Maggie Sharp appears on the other side of a dressing room, forced into the same space while we wait for her very first show to begin.

She’s everything I’m not. 
Kind. Genuine. So innocent it hurts.
And she has no idea who I am.
To the other, we’re nothing but shadows, hidden by a silk screen. 
But in the space of an hour, I feel like she knows me better than anyone.

Maggie doesn’t need me to slow her down before she’s even gotten started. 
But the more we talk, the more I feel the truth.
This woman could be my salvation.
And I’ll do anything to earn it.

One night, one touch, can change your life. 
And she just transformed mine forever.

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