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Enemies turn to lovers in this bad boy billionaire romance with a twist.

I had a plan. 

Finish law school. Start a job. Stay away from men like Brandon Sterling.


Cocky, overbearing, and richer than the Earth, he thinks the world belongs to him, and that includes me.

Yeah, no. Think again..

Repeat after me: stay away from the hot girl.

The beautiful girl. 
The f**king ray of sunshine in the middle of your delivery route.

She's an innocent young student.

I'm a convicted felon.

Layla Barros is everything I never knew I wanted. Everything I'll never have.

They call me every name in the book, and every one is true.

Violent. Criminal. Bad news.

She says I have more to offer the world than my fists.

She says I can pick my own direction instead of taking the one I’m given.

But tell me, beautiful,  how do you do that, when you don’t know where to go?


How do you find the right path when your compass is broken?