Drama, Drama: The Evolution of a Cover & a Legally Mine Release Date

So, you might have already known this, but last week I had a cover release party. The powers that be (meaning, my editorial folks and loud-mouthed friends), informed me incessantly that the original cover for Legally Yours wasn't "sexy" enough for the book.

This was the first cover, which most of you probably remember:

It's pretty, yes. And the color pops, although, as I learned later, the text is hard to read in thumbnail. But mostly what everyone wanted was more sex-appeal, which this doesn't have at all.


I mean, I know the book has its share of steamy bits, but that wasn't really the heart of what I set out to do, which was to write about complex characters and their development. Okay, and their chemistry. But this is romance, not erotica, and I didn't want to sell it like that.

Still, I conceded that the cover could be spicier. So as I geared up to promote Book #2 (OUT JUNE 28TH BTW), I hired a new designer and we got to work designing not one, but all three new covers for the trilogy. Here's how they looked:

 I think they looked pretty nice, albeit maybe a bit...homogeneous. But my designer did a good job, and I was happy with how they turned out: sexy, but not vulgar, you know?

So I have a release party for the first one. I have my marketing strategy all mapped out for the second. I contact all my blogger friends, and they're sharing on their pages, and people are sharing the new covers there. And then...both Facebook and Amazon reject my ads for Legally Yours and the new cover. For being too sexually suggestive and explicit.


I don't even know. It's so indicative of the puritanical society we live in that a picture of a fully dressed man kissing a fully dressed woman's NECK could be considered too sexually explicit. Sigh. Don't ever take these kids to Europe, is what I'm saying. They are going to be freaked out by all the penises everywhere. Statues and statues of penises, everywhere you go. Except, the Vatican, of course, where they're all covered with leaves. But I digress.

So I had to make a new cover, and I had to do it fast. This time I decided to try a different route. The covers for each of the books will be a bit different, although they will feature the same fonts and graphics. The first features a "Skylar" kind of model, the second will feature a "Brandon", and the third will be a sort of collage of the two. The second and third are not ready yet (patience!), but you can see the NEW-new cover for Legally Yours now:

 Well, what do you think? Actually, don't tell me (actually, do). I canNOT change this cover again.

As a consolation to both myself and my readers for putting up all of these shenanigans, I decided, at long last, on a release date for Legally Mine. Have at it, folks. Pre-orders will be ready as soon as the second cover is done.


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