Taking the Plunge

This was a big week. It's been a big month, actually.

Okay, I know there's been some serious radio silence since my last (okay, my first) post in the fall. But really, the world has gone nuts, and for a while I just needed to cower into my writing for a while and not interact. I'll bet a lot of people have been feeling that way over the last six months.

But during that time, I did a lot of interesting things. To start, I finished my book. Really finished it, not just the draft. I edited it, then edited it again. I hired a cover designer to create this gorgeous cover for it (and hopefully for the rest of the series).

 I started planning and even drafting the upcoming sequel (yes, friends, there will be a sequel--don't worry!!). And I started putting together all of the marketing techniques.

And now the book is LIVE! It's out there, and I can't take it back. And I'm really excited for you all to read. PLUS, it's going to be free for the next five days, so you should probably go download it.

There's a good chance this won't work. And by "work", I just mean that people won't find my book. That it will drown amidst all of the other books out there, books with representation, with marketing engines behind them, with publishers and multiple platforms. But I'd like to prove them different. I'd like to prove that something of substance (and guys, I worked really hard to make sure that this book, despite being a part of the humble romance genre, still has parts of substance) can draw a good audience. So help me with that, will you? I'd appreciate a shot.

In the meantime, I'll be watching, breath held, while I try to reach you guys in a variety of ways. I'm on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I'm not the savviest social media user (I'm an introverted writer by nature). Please follow me there; don't make me feel like I'm talking to myself on my computer. If I want to do that, I'll just go for a long drive and chat about my characters in the car (yes, I am that crazy lady talking to herself on the highway).

I'll be posting some updates about new works in progress. I've got another book in the pipeline, just about fully drafted and ready for the next round of edits. I'm excited to post some excerpts and see what you guys think.


  1. Legally yours! The title itself is so mesmerizing that I wonder how amazing the book would be! Can not wait to get my hands on this!


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