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I've written blogs before, but this is the first one I've ever created professionally. This is a trip, friends. It's taken me thirty-three years to do it, but I'm looking at T minus thirty days or so until I'm going to put my work out there for the first time. I hope things will turn out all right. I hope you don't hate it. After all, I've been reading romance in one form another since I was about four years old, I've been writing it since maybe a little older than that, and I've been teaching it (or other forms of writing) for the last ten years. I've got to have something decent to put out there.

But can I be honest? I'm terrified. And excited. But also terrified. And excited.

I started writing stories again after teaching writing in academia for ten years. Sometime during my son's first six months, Skylar and Brandon's story came to me fast and hard. I actually dreamed the first chapter, and had the first draft outlined and written within a few months. It was the fastest I'd ever written anything.

Other stories started to come quickly too. I've got a few others in the works, including Downtown Baby, a bittersweet tale about a girl finding love in New York City, but with a hometown boy from a tenement in Dominican City, not a billionaire from the Upper East Side. Another series that is just in the beginning stages will feature the return of a prodigal daughter from a lapsed music career in New York to the lush, pine trees and lakes of Eastern Washington and, of course, to a love she didn't know she needed.

I like a good fantasy as much as the next girl. Who doesn't want to read about a billionaire ensconced in his perfect apartment (or write about one too, as I am doing along with many other fine writers)? But I also like stories about real people, real places. I like cities and landscapes that can serve as characters in their own right. I like smart girls who are maybe a little neurotic, strong men who don't mind being a bit vulnerable. I like sex and romance that is more about the mind and less about someone's "magic touch." I like people who look and talk like actual people, who aren't perfect, who come from varied and diverse backgrounds, who are often as surprised by their actions as I am by my own sometimes. These are the kinds of stories I want to write.

Over the next month or so I'll be doing a lot of the little nitty gritty things that I'm just starting to learn about with this whole self-publishing biz. If I'm going to do it, I need to do it right, right? Right now I'm in the middle of getting the whole business end of it set up: designing a website, setting up social media accounts, figuring out marketing strategies, contracting a book cover, etc. I'm hoping that when I do finally get this whole shebang really going, you fine people will give it a read. Because if you like it, maybe you'll read a bit more. I've got a lot more in the works, kids. Legally Yours is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned for more posts in the upcoming days. I'll be posting larger excerpts from LY, as well as taking a cue from other writers and offering daily lines from that and other works for prospective readers to enjoy. You'll see the cover art for Legally Yours as soon as it's finished and then I can start making the rounds to beg for beta readers as soon as I can. If you're on this list now, you'll hear from me. Until then:



  1. You sound like such a passionate and dedicated writer. would love check to out your stories. I tried finding them but no luck!! Where can i find them?


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